Crucial to Sustainability

Cerahelix is a small company based in Orono, Maine, that is developing a ceramic filter that filters water to high purity and under challenging conditions. This technology has applications in industrial water treatment, where the challenge is to efficiently purify water for recycling and re-use. Cerahelix has been developing this technology for more than 5 years.  

Their current focus is on treating contaminated water from oil and gas exploration (non-traditional like “fracking”). Cerahelix’s technology has been attracting attention as this is a new area for ceramic filters. Currently no commercial ceramic filter is able to filter as high a purity.

Dr. Susan MacKay, a founder and CEO of Cerahelix, presented a great TEDx talk about why and how this technology was created. The talk is humorous and engaging and you can learn much more from it in the 7 minutes it takes to watch it, then what we can say here.

You can learn even more about and from Cerahelix at the Maine Science Festival in March!