Teenagers are awesome

Many teens, like the adults they will become, are not only conscientious about the world around them but are innovative in finding solutions to the problems of said world. Energy costs are rising, and to help with those costs, a British teen, Yasser Khattak, has invented smart plug sockets you can control from an app on your phone. Amazing! This home automation system lets you control your home electrical outlets remotely. (You can save money if you turn some appliances off that are always on standby, like some televisions.)

At the Maine Science Festival, there will be several programs for teens only, including an Innovation Workshop for middle schoolers to see what innovation in science can look like, and Tech Night for both middle and high schoolers, where they will be introduced to information technologies–what it is and what kinds of careers you can expect.

There will be many other events during the festival, including others specifically for teens, and something for every age. Join us March 20-22 for this celebration of science and technology!