Birth of a Science Festival

We’ve been talking about the types of events and science that you can expect to see in March (20-22nd), but have you wondered why we wanted to have a celebration of science? Wonder no more! MSF Festival Director Kate Dickerson gave a PechaKucha about this very thing last April. We thought we’d share it with you today, so you can get some background information about the MSF.

A few things to note: our partners and collaborators have expanded greatly since then, putting us well on our way to covering all the white space (it will make sense once you see the talk). We have achieved one of our goals of highlighting the intersection (and connection) of science and the arts, with the enthusiastic support of our partners Penobscot Theatre Company (scroll down for a description of “End Days”), University of Maine Museum of Art (“Global Change and the Dance of Contingencies”), and KahBang Arts (an exhibit featuring Caleb Charland), all of whom have included art/science connections as part of their programming for 2015. We are also going to have specific art and science in the MSF itself including our headliner (with more announcements coming soon)!

Pixar announcement


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