Keeping our pets healthy and our water safe

Westbrook is the home of IDEXX Laboratories, a leader in the development and manufacture of tests that detect diseases in cats, dogs and other animals. In 2011, after the devastating tsunami in Japan, IDEXX provided testing that ensured the health and safety of cats and dogs throughout the region after thousands of pets were left homeless. That same year, IDEXX also introduced, a resource where veterinarians can connect with pet owners seeking more information about how to keep their pets healthy.

IDEXX is also a global leader in water microbiology, providing tests that ensure the safety of drinking water. After much of the Boston metro area’s water supply was comprised by a main break in 2010, IDEXX tests were used to determine if the public water was safe to drink.

IDEXX’s purpose is to enhance the health and well-being of pets and people, and they accomplish this through intelligent innovation that produces new products and services.

Learn more about IDEXX and other creative Maine companies and organizations at the Maine Science Festival in March.